About Us

The Dochi secret tote bag was created as a stylish, fun, and green alternative to the disposable plastic shopping bag. Created with high tensile polyester, nylon zipper, durable straps, and solid metal clip, the Dochi secret tote bag is perfect for any moment you need an extra tote bag.

Did you know the average consumer uses over 200 disposable plastic bags a year. Many are used just once. Ultimately the disposable plastic bags end up in our landfills, oceans, and food supply. And it takes hundreds of years to completely disintegrate. Many states are considering laws banning disposable plastic bags. In a few short years, plastic bags will be extinct in the manner as printed telephone books, VHS, and the list goes on.

The Dochi secret tote bag is light and ultra compact. Durable enough to hold 25 pounds of grocery, machine washable, and re-useable. Can be clipped to any handbag, backpack, gym bag etc., to transform from a cute bunny to functioning tote bag is seconds.